Data-driven landscape and urban analytics

Using machine learning (e.g. image/video segmentation, object detection) and big data (POI, crowdsourcing data) technologies and tools (GIS, drone, sensor) explore the interdisciplinary technology in landscape and urban analytics.

Parametric design and data visualization

Investigating the Rhino-Grasshopper/Python/GIS-based working flow efficient parametric design and readable method of data visualization.

Environment-human interaction in urban green space

Developing better tools for people’s behaviour monitor in urban nature from the perspective of environmental justice and human wellbeing.

Teaching Activities

I’m a sessional lecturer at the University of Nedava, Las Vegas. I used to work as a research/teaching assistant at the University of British Columbia, University College London, Delft University of Technology, Politecnico di Milano, and Shanghai Jiaotong University.

To our dicipline,

starting with strong interest, ending with respect and love.

— Peter Walker


— 彼德·沃克