“Gathering Years”

Collected Poems and Writings

Hong Kong Publishing Company

“Gathering Years” is a selection of some of the written works I did during the ten years from the age of 12 to 22. Among them are nine ancient poems, six modern poems, and more than ten essays and miscellaneous pieces of various kinds.

The Time and the Song   Awakening of Spring in Chengdu  

The speaking plum blossom,

the crowing of widgeon,

and the sunshine wave attering water birds,

scare the fishes and waves dancing by it.

Breeze given, ripples stretching the pond.

Gone are the bleak and chilly of hometown,

came the awakening of spring first known by Chengdu,

How many spring chills and prime of youths have to fade away?

Here we rise with the breeze, 

Everything is in the heart of spring.

破阵子 蓉城知春

两三点梅花语, 三四声野鸭啼, 日波潋滟略鸟意,探水惊鱼浪自起。风动数涟漪。

不复故都萧索, 蓉城早知春意, 韶华料峭几春秋?莫要等闲听风起。万物在春际。