In addition to being a collaboration, Magical Foodscape is also a communications project, because they really thought about how they were explaining their topics graphically and cross-culturally. The book is very well written; the students included a lot of public participation. It is an excellent example of pushing landscape architects into fields that aren’t seen as traditional, showing our systems-thinking and the way we can lead teams.

– 2021 Awards Jury

Credits: Mingze Chen, Yuxuan Cai; Zheng Yin, Siyi Chen, Yuxi Wang, Yiling Zhang; Junwen Zheng; Lan Yao; Zhi Wang, Yue Zhang, Rui Wang; Shengqian Wang; Muyun Zhu; Jing Pang; Lingzhi Liu.

Publication: Shen, Xiwei., Chen, Mingze*, Ge Mengting*, Padua, Mary G. Examining the Conceptual Model of Potential Urban Development Patch (PUDP), VOCs, and Food Culture in Urban Ecology: A Case in Chengdu, China. Atmosphere 2022, 13, 1369. | [download]

Video and PDF are Available:

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