Credits: Mingze Chen, Aashi Mathur, Nermeen Abbas Zaidi, Yanqi Zeng, Shivani Sathiyamurthy

Food has always been a central element shaping cities. Nowadays, food imports and exports have shown their fragility in times of global pandemic and climate change. A food desert is very common in London neighborhoods. We utilize food as a catalyst to connect people, cultures, and societies. With the support of urban agriculture, we hope to create a food‐centric neighborhood. Urban agriculture brings people closer to agriculture and the environment, which enhances their mental health. We propose to design an open‐air supermarket where people can grow their food in vertical farming, on‐ground farming in parks and plaza spaces, and roof farming with a working food network system.

Publication: Zhang, Yang., Li, Xiaowei., Jiang, Qingrui., Chen, Mingze*., Liu, Lunyuan*. Quantify the Spatial Association between the Distribution of Catering Business and Urban Spaces in London Using Catering POI Data and Image Segmentation. Atmosphere 2022, 13, 2128. | [download]